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Adrian is a versatile Cameraman specialising in Documentary & factual programming with a diverse experience on a range of programming including arts, science, history, observational and presenter lead programs as well as drama and drama docs.


With 20 years experience in the industry firstly as an AC/focuspuller and now as a Cameraman, Adrian has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working throughout the UK and the world. Having experienced most types of testing environments and conditions from deserts to mountains.


Adrian began his working life as a stills photographer working in news and current affairs before moving into TV drama and feature films as a Clapper Loader and Focuspuller.  Having started out working with film, in his many years experience he has also gained extensive knowledge of all high end digital formats having worked with the Alexa, F55, Red Camera and HD Cam,amongst others.


Adrian is as comfortable working observationally, filming around events under pressure as he is working with a larger team equiptment package on a drama or commercial, and can bring the intuitive way of working in documentary to corporate, commercial and other areas of filming.


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