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Director: Jane Hilton

On going feature length documentary.

The Route masters Running London’s roads

Director:xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Blast Films/BB2

Filmed over a year six part series is the story of the individuals who keep the system working.

"Keeping Britain Alive" The NHS in a day

Director: xxxx xxxxxxx

The Garden/BBC2

Eight part series  encompassing the NHS  100 camera crews were sent out to cover 24 hrs all the British Cities.

Rise of the Continents - Africa

Director: Peter Oxley

BBC Science

Professor Iain Stewart’s exploration of the formation of the continents.

Class & Culture

Director: Archie Powell

Directors Cut Productions/BBC2

Melvin Bragg tours Britain & looks at the last 30 years of culture in the UK & examines whether class is still relevant.

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